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Immigration to New Zealand is increasingly coming under scrutiny and significant changes to the immigration system have already been implemented and further changes are expected.  To navigate this uncertain terrain TDA Immigration is well positioned to provide competent, professional and up-to-date advice for any immigration related query you may have.


Whether you are overseas and are considering what opportunities may be available in New Zealand, or whether you are in New Zealand and wish to make a further application, or whether you already have an application processing but your application looks doomed to be declined: TDA Immigration is here to assist you, to ensure that if there is an opportunity for you to succeed then we will help you to realise your goals.


However, if your issue cannot be resolved we will be honest and upfront with you.  It is the obligation of all licensed immigration advisers to not mislead migrants about their prospects and we are committed to being open and honest about your chances for success and your opportunities to achieve whatever your circumstances require.


We request that prospective clients contact us online or make in-person appointments.  We will then seek to gather some information from you to determine what options may be available.  We request that you be prepared to provide some documents for us to assess your circumstances as the more information you provide to us, the better and more informed our advice will be.


Once we have undertaken a preliminary assessment of your situation we will assess whether we can assist you.  If we are unable to assist you we will be open and honest and advise you when what you seek has a very low chance of success.


If we are able to assist you we will provide a summary of your case and a contract offer.  This contract offer will specify a fixed fee for a specific type of service.  The fees you pay us will be fixed for that service subject to the terms and conditions of our contract offer.  This gives you certainty about what you will pay for our service.


We also generally structure fees to include a portion of the fee payment that is only payable on success of your immigration application.  This is our assurance to you that we are just as committed as you are to achieving the best possible outcome.


Because each case is different you will need to provide us information about your case and allow us to undertake a preliminary assessment before we can provide you a quote for services.  No fees are payable unless you have already agreed to those fees in writing.


Residence - Skilled Migrant Category


TDA is renowned for winning many so-called "impossible" applications.  If you engage TDA to represent you, we will manage your application from start until the final decision.  Our assistance includes:


  • Assisting with your employment agreement and job description
  • Determining the most appropriate ANZSCO code for your employment
  • Guiding you and/or your employer through the application process and advising on the types of inquiries Immigration New Zealand may undertake
  • Advising you on the evidence required to prove the skilled nature of your employment
  • Writing all submissions in response to any concerns raised by Immigration New Zealand



Residence - Business Categories


Business category applications are usually highly complex.  The applicant's documentation generally requires an assessment by someone with specialist financial management skills.  At TDA your application, assessments and submissions will be overseen by the former Minister of Immigration who wrote and introduced investor and business policies for New Zealand.


  • We will analyse your financial documentation
  • Our submissions will clearly describe to Immigration New Zealand how your funds were earned lawfully
  • We will write your business plan
  • We will prepare your financial forecast and cash flow forecast
  • We will write all submissions in response to any concerns raised by Immigration New Zealand



Residence - Family Category


There are countless stories of couple's providing all the evidence they can think of to prove their relationship only to be told by Immigration New Zealand that the evidence is "not sufficient".  Some couples can't remember the name of a movie they saw 5 years ago which leads Immigration New Zealand to doubt the genuineness of their relationship. Horror stories are common, but TDA Immigration has a proud history of assisting people to keep their family unit intact, often when all hope had seemed lost.  Some notable success stories with TDA include:


  • A 22 year old Indian male married to a 61 year old kiwi wife.  The couple had been declined when they approached TDA, but were granted residence with a subsequent application managed by TDA.
  • A couple had been overstayers for more than 10 years and were being held in jail pending deportation.  Residence was eventually granted after TDA became involved.
  • Residence cancelled after INZ discovered a dependent child had been in a partnership relationship when father's residence application approved.  Residence was granted after TDA became involved.
  • Male applicant had 9 children with 3 different women.  At one stage, all 3 women were pregnant.  TDA took over and even though it took several years, today all 3 women and all 9 children are in New Zealand.


Your case may be difficult but, if there is a solution to your problem, we will find it.



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